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How to Become our Affiliates

-- Start your business with Zero cost, and earn several hundreds easy cash per month


How it works: We will provide you an affiliate link, and you are going to promote this link. Once this link is being clicked, we will put a "cookie" into the visitor's browser, which allows us recognize this visitor is referred by you.


This cookis will not expired in 30 days (the cookie will still be ALIVE even after visitors restart the browser/PC). So, if this visitor register as a member, we will tag it as your referral forever.


From then on, every single card this member bought will earn you commission (no longer limited to the 30 days above, as this member's userID is tagged as your referral permanently) . By the way, the card price for this member is the same, we just reward you from our profit.


Then, you only need to promote your affiliate link online (eg: Popular websites, Forums, Blogs, Facebook, Friendster, Email, msn, and etc), and you can earn several hundreds easy cash each month. Note: This is a constant reward. If your referral buy card from us in the next 20 years, you are going to enjoy the commission for the next 20 years as well. And it will be an exponentially accumulating process, you will only be earning bigger and bigger.



  Step 1: Get your Affiliate Link

Login using your iCard Account, Click "Member Centre" -> "Affiliate Program", there you can find your Affiliate Link (See below)



FYI, your Affiliate Link actually is only the centre part, ie: http://icard.sg/en/?u=XXXX. Once some one visits this link, we know they are referred by you.


With the code ahead & behind, all together forms a script. When you post this script onto the website or online forum, it will be displayed as a clickable text/image. When some one clicks on this text/image, they will be linked into your Affiliate Link automatically.


Example: [iCard]


Step 2: How to Promote the Link



After getting your Affiliate Link, the next step is how to attrack more clicks. This is the moment to prove your talent. For a quick start, belows are several proven promoting methods:


1. To post ads constantly on Classified Forums, daily or at least bi-daily. The effect is proven to be excellent. (Caution: to posted on Huasing & Xinyu Classified Forum is prohibited by our Terms and Conditions)


2. Put the link into your signiture, attached with some intro or slogon, then post replies or threads on those hot forums. This earns you long-lasting exposure.


3. Post some controversial topics, or useful information to introduce iCard on hot forums, affix with your Affiliate Link. This is by now the most efficient way to earn you paying customers.


4. If you are owning a website, you may wish to put the links onto the ads position, which can also bring in huge traffic.



Step 3: Check your commission



Every single card purchased by your referral will be recorded by our system. Our admin will check through every few days, and will credit the commission into your account once confirmed.


Your detail commission can be found in "User Centre" -> "Affiliate Program".


You can use this commission to buy cards as well. When accumulated to a certain amount, you may request to redeem. Please go to "User Centre" -> "Account Info" -> "Refund Application".


After providing your Bank account info and redeem amount, we will transfer the fund to you within 7 working days.



Note: Min. redeem amount: SGD50. Only DBS/POSB/UOB are supported.




Terms and Conditions



1. Affiliates are NOT allowed to ads on "Huasing Classified" and "Xinyu Merchant" forums, while other forums on these 2 websites are allowed.

All commision will be frozen if there is any violation.


2. If for continuous 6 months, there is no new referral, or no booking from newly referred customer, iCard reserves the right to revoke the affiliation qualification. After revoke, existing commission will be retained, while NO new commission will be granted.