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Topup your iCard Account Real-time by OCBC iBanking



How it works : Transfer to us through OCBC Internet Banking, and your iCard Account will be topup IMMEDIATELY, according to the "Initials" you key in when adding your iBanking "Beneficiary".


###### So please ensure Your Initials @ iBanking is exactly same as your User ID @ iCard.sg ######



  Step 1: Activate iBanking


Internet Banking (IB) is very useful, which allows you to view your balance, transfer fund to your friend, pay your handphone bill online.
There are many ways to activate your Internet Banking:

1. Approach the service counter at any bank branch

2. Apply IB service through ATM (Please update your address in any branch if it's not updated. Or else you can't receive the mail from bank)

3. Visit webpage to download form online and mail it


Here we only introduce the easiest way for OCBC: To activate by ATM

Step 1. Insert your ATM card
Step 2. Select "Other Services" after entering your ATM PIN
Step 3. Select "Other Services"
Step 4. Select "Phone Banking/Internet Banking" followed by "Internet Banking Application"
Step 5. Enter your new 6 digit Internet Banking PIN & enter it again to confirm
Step 6. End of application. Transaction receipt will state Internet Banking access code for first log-in. So please keep the receipt
Now you need to insert ATM card again to apply for 2FA Token and update your handphone number in order to receive SMS
Step 7. Follow Step 1 to 3,
Step 8. Select "Phone Banking/Internet Banking" followed by "Internet Banking/Mobile banking 2FA Token services "
Step 9. Select "Update SMS local Mobile Number" and enter your handphone number
Your application is now completed. Kindly retain the ATM transaction receipt with your User ID. And you can use the Internet Banking access code and SMS sent by OCBC to log-in to Internet Banking


Step 2: Add new payee


Page 1: After login to internet banking at OCBC website www.ocbc.com.sg,

1 Click on “Funds Transfer: Add Beneficiary”

2 In "Bank Name", select OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORP LTD (Default)

3 In "Account No. ", please key in our account number: 5375023602

4 In “Your Initials”, please key in your iCard User ID as this is the Only Way that we know the fund is transferred from you.

5 In “Name” under About Beneficiary, please key in "iCard" (You may ignore email address)


Page 2: After preview, system will ask you to fill in OTP (One Time Password) which will be sent to your registered handphone via SMS. Complete this step, and you will be able to topup your iCard account by transferring to us anytime.




Step 3: Make transfer


Page 1: After login to OCBC internet banking:

  Click on “Funds Transfer To 3rd Party Account”.

  In “To 3rd Party Beneficiary”, make sure you can see our account number. If you have not added us as your payee, please click **HERE** to learn how to Add New Payee.

  In “Amount”, please key in the amount you wish to topup your iCard account (eg: S$30).



Page 2: Complete the transaction, and your iCard account will be updated within seconds. You can start buying cards now.